Chanos-Roditi law firm autonomously started its operation in the year 1998 in Chalkida Evia, with involvement in Civil, criminal and administrative law, continuing the firm of the original founder, Mr. John Chanos, who created the law firm in the year 1979. The members of the firm have great experience in cases of any juristiction level (especially in civil law cases - divorces, REAL ESTATE), on legal negotiations, contracts etc. We are able to have 24 hours contact and we can represent our clients all over Greece and abroad. Also, our firm maintains collaborations with many lawfirms in Greece and abroad.

Τel. (030)2221076788

fax   (030)2221027558

Mobile: (030) 6942641850 (Kostas Hanos)

              (030) 694421335(Niki Roditi)

email: hanosroditi@gmail.com

Hellinikou Erythrou Stavrou 4 str

Chalkis 341 32 Evia Greece

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